“Meet the only pots made 100% by recycled plastic. Your plants have never felt so comfortable.”

Preserve and increase the power of nature



Prevented to be abandoned in the environment per every pot created.


RE Seal

To prove the environmental friendliness of the products.


Billion people

People to engage to make the difference.

Restore the unique value of natural environments

To provide a second and third life to plastics by recycling to protect the environment. Each vase produced “made in tera”, eliminates 16 plastic bottles from the environment.

We want to turn plastic into a resource that can be continually reused.

“We imagine a world where plastic is perceived as a harmless, non-polluting material. Tera is a project oriented to restore plastic waste and give it a new life. What was recycled yesterday is on the market today and can be recycled and reused tomorrow.”

The values that makes us unique

Tera is a sustainable and responsible choice towards oneself, others and the planet. It represents the choice to make a difference through awareness and pride in eco-sustainability.

Discover our collection,

made 100% of recycled plastic